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Free Summer Yoga Workshop with Patricia McPherson | Avazera

Welcome back to Avazera Yoga, the summer edition! Truthfully, summer couldn’t come any sooner, right?

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According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, the summer season encompasses all things to do with:

– the Heart organ
– the Small Intestines
– and is associated with the element of fire

Why Summer?

The heat. The light. The warmth. The sun offers life to all. It ignites the fire within all of us. Summer is the season of abundance connected to the emotion of joy. Joy is the will of life. It’s no surprise we come alive in the summer. When the element of fire and the emotion of joy meet, we are living abundantly. The fire in us ignites life; it creates movement and sets a rhythm for our lives. We can’t have a raging fire nor one whose light is almost out. But, a flame that carries a joyful, flickering dance assisting us in meeting all of the demands of living. The element of fire keeps us alive, opens us up to life and to others.  

The Focus of Our Summer Yoga Workshop: The Heart

The heart is considered the ruler of the kingdom. In many cultures, the heart has been a symbol of love, togetherness, affection, and the source of our emotions, courage, and wisdom. It’s also considered to have its own mind because it constantly reasons with the indecisiveness to do the right thing and at times put the needs of others before our own.

When you think about where the heart is physically located it is the centre of our whole system. It has been said that our eyes sprout the reflection of our spirit and impulse to live, where the tongue is used to reflect kindness and love to all whom we communicate with. It governs the physical and the mental aspects of our being. This is no surprise that the heart is the one organ most affected by immediate changes to our emotional climate. When we are happy, stressed, sad, or anxious our heart beats differently. The shadow side of our heart is grief, insomnia, and restlessness. Modern medicine recognizes that the heart is its own system and negative emotions have a direct effect on the health of our heart and significantly affects our nervous system.  

As a society now more than ever, we need to open our hearts more to each other, our differences and who we are as a community. After all, our differences are what make us the same. We need to move from choosing based on the mind and more from the heart-mind. This way we can truly experience the togetherness of peace and love unconditionally.  When fire energy and our heart energy work together, they awaken us to a deeper consciousness of ourselves and to others. It inspires us to live in gratitude and to express gratitude to those around us.  It wakes us up to that divine light within all of us that shines and radiates our world.

Connecting with Your Light: Free Summer Yoga Workshop

You’re invited to our Free Summer Yoga Workshop in celebration of Habitual Fitness & Lifestyle‘s 6th anniversary. This yoga practice will welcome poses such as backbends that open our heart centre and encourage us to use this energy more. To walk in the world with a light so bright that it expresses gratitude, acceptance, and compassion for all creatures and guides our every step. We will practice smiling with our heart in the practice, demonstrate how it affects your breath and what you feel in each posture. We’ll explore a deeper connection to our prayer hands and how we can use them in our practice to connect to that divine spark within and send out beautiful rays of love, hope, and peace for all. Also, how your divine spark can deepen your connection to what your heart truly wants. To secure your spot and for more details, click here.

Stay focused on what your heart truly wants on the mat and off the mat. Connect to your hearts longing for whatever brings you joy and makes you feel in love. Listen to your hearts calling. Follow its beat to move your feet exactly where you need to be in your life. Allow the sun to shine on you and perhaps be the sun in someone else’s life. That’s why we’re lit, to encourage someone to recognize their own. I shine, you shine.

See you June 10th!

From my heart to yours!


Patricia McPherson
Patricia is a respected yoga teacher in Toronto- loved by her community and students. She is known for her calming nature, honey-smooth voice and devotion to the spirit of the practice. Her classes combine physical asana, soothing yin energy which inspires meditation and a space to create an intimate relationship with yourself.
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