Stay Fit During Your Summer Vacation

Stay Fit During Your Summer Vacation: 7 Useful Tips

It’s finally time. The chance to take a relaxing break! London, Paris, Cuba, California – regardless if you’re relaxing on a beach or out sightseeing, taking a break from your normal routine is exciting. With cocktails, meals out, and indulging in many savoury and sweet treats – how do you stay fit during vacation? Read our tips to help stay active and energized so you can maintain balance while thoroughly enjoying your well-deserved vacation!


Don’t spend your holiday in your hotel room. You don’t burn many calories lying in a bathrobe on your bed and watching reruns with foreign subtitles! We get it, you’ve spent time finding a comfortable hotel with that jacuzzi and balcony – and a great fluffy bed. But you what’s the point of flying to Tokyo or Rome if you’re going to stay in your room? Instead, get out, go explore and be active! Walk around, take the stairs, go sightseeing, if you’re in a place with a beach or pool – go swimming. There are many ways to add bursts of activity throughout the day while you’re out and about.



Instead of walking around aimlessly or taking a group bus tour – create your own sightseeing route! All you have to do is connect all the attractions and locations you want to visit with the walking distance between each. So start with one attraction and connect it to the next one (if it’s within 3 km.) This way you will be getting a workout in-between while seeing amazing architecture and museums. This type of plan also allows you to be in control of how long you get to stay at a certain location. As well as discover hidden gems such as local marketplaces or antique shops you wouldn’t have found out about otherwise. Just remember to plan according to the weather: wear comfortable shoes and to stay hydrated! 



All that walking in the sunshine will make you hungry and hot and oh-boy do ice cream parlors know their target audience! How do you resist all those colourful swirls of mango, papaya, or peach ice cream? Since a big variety of ice cream is made with fruit flavours – why not go for the fruit itself? If will save you lots of calories, refined sugars, and money too. No one is saying ice cream is a no-no during your trip. All you have to do is pace yourself. Everything in moderation including moderation!


Food is an integral part of every culture. Visiting a city without trying their kitchen is half the fun! To our previous point – if ice cream is an important part of the culinary culture of the country you’re in – like gelato is in Italy. Add it to your list of authentic foods you want to try. A list of well-researched traditional dishes you want to try with a list of high-rated restaurants and cafes will help you get a rich culinary experience of the local culture while maintaining balance. You don’t have to miss out on cultural experiences to stay fit. So go ahead, eat the local food, again just pace yourself.


If your hotel offers an AYCE style buffet – this is a great way to be getting balanced meals in. Every breakfast, lunch, or dinner you’re not eating out and trying local treats, so try to compose a balanced healthy meal on your plate from the buffet selection. There’s an easy way to make sure you’re plate is balanced – fill half of it with vegetables, a quarter with protein-rich foods and a quarter with slow carbs like brown rice, pasta, or quinoa.


If you feel hungry it’s harder to control yourself and you can end up eating the first thing your eyes fall upon. To stop that from happening always have a snack on you. If you’re at the beach this could be fresh local fruit, or if you’re on the go try something convenient like a selection of Avazera’s snacks or our organic goji berriesThey’re also a great option for snacking on the plane or while you wait for your connecting flight.


This one is self-explanatory, yet many forget to do it. Juice, coffee, and tropical cocktails do not count as sufficient water intake. In addition to snacks, carry around a reusable bottle at all times to keep yourself from dehydration. You might find yourself exploring a place like a mountain cave with no opportunity to buy water anywhere close, so always be prepared.


If you follow these simple tips you’ll return home this summer from your vacation with awesome adventure tales, great experiences, and still be on track with your fitness routine. 

What are your travel tips to stay fit? Do you stick with your meal plan during vacation or do you indulge? Let us know in the comments below!

Keep blossoming,
Team Avazera 

Before a flower blossoms, its seed must be planted, watered and nourished. The same can be said for us. When we take care of our spiritual and physical growth, the most beautiful version of ourselves will emerge.
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