First Time Snowboarding? Top Tips from Snowboard Coach -Tatum Barrie!

We’re excited to introduce wellness professional Tatum Barrie to the Avazera wellness community! In today’s post, Tatum shares how “conquering the mountains” can mean great changes for your health and lifestyle! As well, Tatum shares her top tips as both a coach and professional if you are new to snowboarding so your first day on the mountain is as fun as possible!

Tatum’s Beginner Snowboarding Top Tips! 

Has anyone ever said to you “let’s conquer mountains?” Well, this is how you can start to conquer your life and take the first big step toward success. Snowboarding is the winter sport you’ll want to use this season to fuel your fire with challenge, excitement, and joy. This adventure-driven sport incorporates fitness and self-determining factors that encourage you to fulfill your greatest potential. Throughout this article I will go over how to prepare yourself for a successful day on the mountain with these three key components; a healthy mindset, consistent flexible routine, and being open to change!

A Well-Nourished Start!

The most important part of your day follows after you wake up. The start of every morning is the opportunity to be conscious of your health. The purpose of a unique routine for yourself is to be better organized, time efficient, and reduce chances of injury and sickness. The meal you have prepared the day before is ready to pack and the drink option has solid benefits for the day ahead. In preparation for the week ahead, I map out a recipe list that will most benefit my health and keep a good balance of nutrients. I enjoy a strawberry banana smoothie with added organic moringa to help prepare for the upcoming events of the day. Avoid the fast food options completely by preparing your meals at home the day before you hit the slopes! I recommend using The Avazera AZ BOX to help save you money, plan ahead and take the right step to live a more health conscious life. Also, you can be part of the group on Facebook for more access to recipes, support, and motivation from other like-minded individuals!

What to Pack?

If you choose to go snowboarding for the first time this upcoming season. All of the feelings that come through is excitement, anxiety, and contemplation which may affect your thoughts. What do you do? Well, that’s why our mindset has an overall effect on how to have a successful day on the mountain. Prepare for the next day by packing all of the necessary tools and overcome a few challenges with ease. The first step to my morning is to take care of my mind and body – I love doing my 60 min unique workout program I designed for rejuvenation, connection, and positivity or simply get up and move!

Once that is completed, I look at my list of essential items; healthy prepared snacks and lunch, 1L water bottle, layers, helmet, gloves, goggles, snow pants, winter jacket, a comfortable change of clothes, extra socks, and a maybe even a book. The initial first step to my morning is to take care of my mind and body then check off all of the items I’ve listed before I run out the door. With all of these items being prepped and ready to go, the chances of a successful day on the mountain has increased! As a bonus, a coach you can trust that has the experience, passion, and commitment to fulfill your goals for your desired period of time on the mountain, is one call away. Without a doubt, you will leave with a sense of confidence and accomplishment.

Be Open to Change!

The season changes into winter without much warning that’s why planning ahead is super important. Up to this point, winter may not be your favourite season but if you open up to new and greater ideas this post can improve your life. Enjoy the snow with friends and family with a successful day on the mountain and an amazing story to tell upon using the information with experience, knowledge, and guidance I have given you!

Until next time,


Tatum Barrie
Tatum Barrie is a fitness/snowboard coach and founder of the Snowboarder Lifestyle Brand. The first experience she had snowboarding set her on the path to fulfilling her passion for guiding others to be challenged to grow in many aspects of their life. She is committed to going over and beyond to help clients with specialized snowboard and fitness programs and recommends special options to benefit health for the long-term. Her vision is to be an all in one stop for client’s fitness solution and be part of their daily routine, especially when taking a trip to the mountain.
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