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Meditate with Tea: Help Yourself Tune Into the Present!

A challenge many find with meditation is how to deal with all that is going on in your mind while you are sitting there. It “seems” easy, but definitely requires practice! In today’s new post team Avazera is introducing the concept of moving meditation and how you can meditate with tea to help calm your mental chatter.

Let’s get started!

What is Moving Meditation?

Simply, it is any type of meditation in which you are moving. Therefore, movement can be performed as meditation if you apply mindfulness and go at a slow pace which is why we are showing you how to meditate with tea today!

How to Meditate with Tea!

1. Boil
Simply watch as your water goes from standing still to creating bubbles at rhythmic pace. Focus on your breathing and enjoy inhaling the steam from the pot.

2. Steep
Sit and let yourself be present while the loose leaf tea steeps and dances to release its aroma and flavour. Continue to focus on your breathing.

3. Pour
Appreciate your tea as you’re pouring it and listen to the sound it makes- does it sound like soft drops of rain? Next focus on the colour, isn’t it amazing how it went from being clear to a deep, rich colour. Finally, take the cup into yours hands and just feel the weight and warmth of the cup. Once again focus on your breathing.

4. Drink
Find yourself a nice, quiet place for you to drink. Now sip your tea and appreciate yourself for taking the time out of your schedule to practice being aware of your present moment and not your mental clutter for once. Most importantly, practice mindfulness while drinking your tea. Go slowly, while drinking small sips at a time- savour this moment.

Let us know below if you will meditate with tea the next time you make some!

Keep Blossoming,
Team Avazera 

Before a flower blossoms, its seed must be planted, watered and nourished. The same can be said for us. When we take care of our spiritual and physical growth, the most beautiful version of ourselves will emerge.
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