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The holidays can bring a mixed bag of inevitable emotions such as love, joy, stress, depression, happiness, sadness and so much more. But, did you know that gemstone healing in the form of stunning jewelry can be a great and stylish way to carry positive feelings and actions with you throughout this holiday season. In today’s new blog post team Avazera will be showing which gemstones are great to have this festive season, so that all goes smoothly.

Let’s jump right in!

Gemstone Healing for the Holidays!

Blue Topaz can help:

  • with promoting forgiveness and expressing the truth
  • with bringing joy and generosity
  • with releasing tension
  • with promoting creativity thoughts and expressing ideas
  • with improving communication

Charoite can help:

  • with emotional healing
  • with inspiration
  • with promoting creativity thoughts
  • with reducing stress and worry

Druzi Agate can help:

  • with concentration
  • with emotional balance
  • with self-confidence

Labradorite can help:

  • with success
  • with wisdom
  • with stress relief

Moonstone can help:

  • with romance- mistletoe anyone?
  • with providing calmness
  • with soothing stress

Turquoise can help:

  • with abundance
  • with improving communication
  • with positive energy
  • with relationships

Gemstones have been used since recorded history and most probably before for a slew of benefits such as spiritual, emotional and physical support! In order to celebrate these beauties for the holiday season we have a special promotion- receive 25% off all our natural gemstone jewelry plus free shipping, click here to shop now! Let us know below how you deal with the good and the bad of the holiday season. Or, if you will be giving gemstone healing a try to power up your holidays!

Keep Blossoming,
Team Avazera

Before a flower blossoms, its seed must be planted, watered and nourished. The same can be said for us. When we take care of our spiritual and physical growth, the most beautiful version of ourselves will emerge.
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