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DIY Body Scrub with Avazera’s Rejuvenation Tea!

Sweater weather is here! Which also means it is time to review your skin care routine. Exfoliating in the colder months (or really any day of the year) is a great way to keep your skin smooth and supple while being a relaxing addition to your nighttime routine. In today’s post, we’re showing you a quick and easy DIY body scrub you can make with our Rejuvenation Tea blend and a few natural ingredients! 

DIY Body Scrub | Rejuvenation Tea


DIY Body Scrub | Rejuvenation Tea 

• Yields: 1 batch 
• Time: 5 minutes 


– 2 tbsp. Avazera’s Rejuvenation Tea 
– 1 cup coconut sugar 
– ½ cup coconut oil 
– 2 tbsp. raw manuka honey 
– 10 drops of Lavender essential oil (EO)
You can also tailor the EO to the season for instance: 

Summer: Lavender, Lime, or Basil 
Spring: Lemongrass, Rose, or Ylang Ylang 
Autumn: Vanilla, Cinnamon or Sandalwood 
Winter: Eucalyptus, Tea Tree or Peppermint 


1.) It’s quick simple- just mix all the ingredients together! It would be best to mix the ingredients in a tight-sealing jar so your DIY body scrub stays fresher longer. 

2.) Next, spend some time in a warm shower or bath to let your skin become soft. 

3.) After which, apply the body scrub in circular motions. Pay close attention to the dry areas of your body this can be elbows, knees, feet etc. 

4.) Rinse off and seal in the coconut oil residue left on your skin with your favourite moisturizer. 

Will you be trying out this DIY body scrub made with our Rejuvenation Tea? Let us know if you will in the comments below or share your creation on social media with the #avazera. 

Keep blossoming,
Team Avazera 

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