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Free Spring Yoga and Nutrition Detox Workshop Recap! | Avazera

On Sunday, March 26th, we held a Free Spring Yoga and Nutrition Detox Workshop at Habitual Fitness and Lifestyle, and it was a blast! Our attendees opened up their minds and attitudes as we had a stimulating conversation about nutrition, healthy living and detoxing led by our Holistic Nutritionist, Laura De Sanctis! As well, we got our bodies moving and in tune with the renewing Spring season with our expert yoga instructor Patricia McPherson- where she took us through an amazing detoxifying, yoga sequence. It was a great way to spend a Sunday!

If you missed out on this workshop, don’t worry- click below to get the full recap. 

The Common Goal

Our lovely featured guest speakers joined Team Avazera to discuss and connect with our wellness community about the connection between Spring, yoga, nutrition and detoxing. As well as how everyone can benefit from this amazing combination! Our achieved goal was to empower and provide our members with all the tools and resources they needed to live above their baseline health. This workshop tackled the multifaceted concept that is health and wellness.


Our Featured Expert Guest Speakers

Laura De Sanctis

For the first part of the session, Laura got the conversation started with going in-depth all about nutrition and detoxing! She explained why we need to detox and how it is important in our fast-paced society. Unfortunately for many of us living in North America, we have access to fast, processed foods which has become the norm called The SAD Diet [Standard American Diet] which is well sad.

We are always on the go. Coffee, donuts, and sugar-laden, processed foods “help” keep our energy up- but only for a bit. Until that next craving comes knocking and it’s a never ending cycle where your sugar level goes up and down like a rollercoaster. This causes inflammation within our bodies, a build-up of toxins and making our bodies become too acidic which is where diseases begin and thrive. Laura stresses that we need to alkalize our bodies and how to achieve that is to detox our system while introducing foods and a lifestyle that promotes a healthy, balanced pH in your body. She explained how The Avazera 14-Day Detox Program is a great way to reset and to promote better long-term health, way beyond 14 days. Within the program we stress how eating organic, detoxing, plant-based foods can help you feel more rejuvenated and help eliminate the strain your body could be potentially feeling.

With the support of Laura and Team Avazera, along with our detox kit, comprehensive eBook guide and online private community you have all the tools, resources and guidance you need to implement Laura’s advice and to start weaning yourself off the SAD Diet and onto one that fosters a happier, healthier you! 


“It was a pleasure collaborating with the Avazera team on the Spring Yoga and Nutrition Detox Workshop. During this workshop, we discussed the main reasons why we need to detox and the short term and long term benefits of the Avazera Detox Program. This program is super easy for everyone to follow as it helps you to start working with your body, setting you up on a healthy and sustainable path to success. I can’t wait to co-host the next Avazera Detox workshop and educate people on how to reduce the toxic load on the body!”




Patricia McPherson

Before Patricia began her yoga practice with our attendee’s, she took a moment to discuss why Spring, yoga, and detoxing is an important conversation to have! She explains that yoga as a practice is amazing at detoxing the body. It gets the blood flowing, stimulates the digestive and lymphatic system and much more! However, it also is perfect for detoxing our emotional, mental, and spiritual side.

A big part of yoga is it’s connection to nature. The seasons, the elements, the universe and that connection to our internal organs plays a significant role in the link between yoga and detoxing. Each season, for instance, has a link to an internal organ, and at Avazera we will be exploring them further in upcoming workshops with Patricia!

However, this workshop’s focus was all about Spring. Spring cleaning, feeling renewed and being reborn into a new you for this season. Winter has passed. However, many became dormant and hibernated pretty much! To transition into Spring, we need to eliminate that energy that Winter brought and don’t need to move forward. Interestingly, Spring has a special connection to the liver which has a BIG job to do in helping to detoxify our body. She explains that when someone’s liver may not be working optimally, it is present in the eyes- the whites are yellow, skin issues occur and more. You need to eliminate to keep your liver healthy, and the goal is to keeping everything flowing, fluid and harmonious. However, if matter within is left stagnant you may become easily angered, irritable, not motivated, and depressed. These symptoms can show that our energy or “Chi” which is stored in the liver is not flowing.

To conclude the workshop, Patricia took to the mat to lead our members through a detoxifying, yoga sequence with poses such “Spinal Twists” and “Cobra Pose” allowing the liver to release toxins and to function at it’s best. The poses focused on unraveling the liver and “wringing” out old toxins.  


This workshop was another great success for all of us here at Avazera! The workshop brought out people that had interests in either yoga, detoxing and/or nutrition- it was a great combination! Thanks again to Habitual Fitness for making this happen and we look forward to seeing you in a couple months for our Summer workshop series!




At Avazera, we are passionate and LOVE holding events for our wellness members within our growing community. We had a truly energized group that were all passionate, dedicated and ready to take control of their long-term health!

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Keep blossoming,
Team Avazera

Before a flower blossoms, its seed must be planted, watered and nourished. The same can be said for us. When we take care of our spiritual and physical growth, the most beautiful version of ourselves will emerge.
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