Morning Start Energy Squares

We’re excited to introduce personal trainer, nutrition coach, and Avazera Wellness Ambassador – Barbara Lorraine! In today’s post, Barbara shares her journey with sugar cravings and shares a recipe that you can make at home as a healthy alternative to keep cravings at bay. 

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Welcome to the Avazera Community!

We’re are excited to share Avazera’s story through the words of Shiva Burnett – Avazera’s CEO. Find out the inspiration behind Avazera and it’s amazing team, our feel-good products, the Avazera Wellness community and why we want to share holistic wellness with the world. Click below to watch the video in full!

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No-Bake Cacao Energy Bites!

In today’s post, Jelena shares her naturally sweetened, no-bake cacao energy bites recipe. Your snack game will never be the same! These are an Avazera favourite and a MUST during team meetings. 

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Healthy Dairy-Free Hot Cacao!

Nothing beats hot cacao made with decadent organic Raw Cacao! In today’s post, we’re showing how to make this vegan, supercharged elixir that you can make in a flash and with just a few extra natural ingredients. Perfect for cold winter mornings or for when you need a pick-me-up! 

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healthy holiday guide

Healthy Holiday | Expert Tips for the Festive Season!

Happy holidays! As we start filling up our schedules with festive parties and activities our healthy (somewhat scheduled) lifestyle can go out the window! In today’s post, Kelly Carter, Avazera’s in-house, CNP will be sharing her top tips on how you can enjoy a fun, healthy holiday season!

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First Time Snowboarding? Top Tips from Snowboard Coach -Tatum Barrie!

We’re excited to introduce wellness professional Tatum Barrie to the Avazera wellness community! In today’s post, Tatum shares how “conquering the mountains” can mean great changes for your health and lifestyle! As well, Tatum shares her top tips as both a coach and professional if you are new to snowboarding so your first day on the mountain is as fun as possible!

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DIY Detox Mask | Avazera

DIY Detox Mask for Acne-Prone Skin

At Avazera, we’re huge fans of DIY and natural skincare! In today’s post, Jelena – Avazera’s Marketing Communications Manager shares her favourite DIY detox mask made with our organic Chlorella and Moringa along with one of her favourite skincare ingredients – raw manuka honey! 

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Smoothie Series - The Clean Green Smoothie

The Clean Green Smoothie | Smoothie Series

Introducing our new smoothie series featuring our organic Chlorella! The aim of the smoothie series is to keep the ingredient list simple and quick to prepare, yet PACKED with flavour and wholesome nutrition. The Clean Green Smoothie requires 7 ingredients, 1 blender and 5 minutes. 

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DIY Body Scrub | Avazera

DIY Body Scrub with Avazera’s Rejuvenation Tea!

Sweater weather is here! Which also means it is time to review your skin care routine. Exfoliating in the colder months (or really any day of the year) is a great way to keep your skin smooth and supple while being a relaxing addition to your nighttime routine. In today’s post, we’re showing you a quick and easy DIY body scrub you can make with our Rejuvenation Tea blend and a few natural ingredients! 

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sustainable packaging

Change Your Socks, Change Your Life | Guest Blog Post on Sustainable Packaging by Lydia-Joi Marshall

In today’s article, our wellness expert Lydia-Joi Marshall will share how the metaphor- changing your dirty socks can change your life! As well as, why you should be more mindful about incorporating sustainable packaging and limiting your exposure to toxic additives. 

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