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7 Superfoods To Incorporate Into A Ketogenic Diet

Team Avazera is pleased to introduce you to a new member of our Avazera Wellness Community – Janine Einhellig. Janine is a health, nutrition and fitness enthusiast! She loves helping people with their health, which is why she founded the KetoDomain.com. In today’s post, she will share plant-based options you can incorporate into a ketogenic diet if that is your lifestyle diet of choice. 

The number of diets and lifestyles that exist today are countless. Whatever diet you choose to follow it has to be balanced and healthy. Avazera Superfoods and Snacks can help balance and supplement any diet and help you achieve the best version of yourself. Today, I’ll talk about the Ketogenic Diet and what superfoods to include to eat balanced.

The Ketogenic [Keto] diet is a high fat, adequate protein, low-carbohydrate diet. A person’s daily macronutrients on a ketogenic diet should be around 75% fat, 20% protein and 5% net carbohydrates. To a person eating a standard Western diet of 55% carbohydrates, 5% carbohydrates this can be a huge change. This high amount of fat and a low amount of carbs is designed to put your body into a state of ketosis. Ketosis is a special metabolic state where your body uses fat as its primary energy source, not carbs. A ketogenic diet allows for plenty of low carbohydrate vegetables, nuts, seeds, and even some fruit. In fact, there are some known superfoods that you can incorporate daily on a keto diet!

Seven Superfoods to Incorporate Into A Keto Diet

1. Avocados

If you’ve been on the ketogenic diet for a while, you know that avocados become a weekly, if not daily food. Avocado is full of filling fiber, potassium, magnesium, vitamin K and the B vitamins. In one whole avocado, there are 3.6 grams of net carbs and 13.5 grams of fiber. With that much fiber, you’re sure to stay full at meal time by incorporating one of these.

2. Blueberries

So, you thought you couldn’t eat fruit on the ketogenic diet. However, small amounts of fruit are still ok on the ketogenic diet, especially fruit that is full of fiber. Fiber slows your digestion and therefore slows the digestion of sugar – keeping any sugar spikes from carbohydrates low. This prevents an insulin surge, which is one of the key determinants to ketosis.

Luckily, blueberries have some fiber. In 1/4 cup there is only 4.5 grams net carbs and 1 gram of fiber. In addition, blueberries are a known superfood for their antioxidant properties. On a ketogenic diet, a small handful of blueberries can really brighten a dull food day.

If you’re looking for a berry with less net carbs, try out blackberries. While they have only a 1/8 of the antioxidants of blueberries, they only contain 1.6 grams of net carbs in 1/4 cup.

3. Spirulina 

Spirulina is a blue-green microalge, that is 65% protein and contains all the essential amino acids. This superfood is naturally loaded with Vitamins A through E, iron, potassium, digestible protein, calcium, beta-carotene, and chlorophyll! Spirulina also boasts plenty of fatty acids including one of the rarest forms – gamma linoleum acid. Add Avazera organic Spirulina to your morning green smoothie for added protein, dietary fibre, and healthy fats.

4. Chlorella

Organic chlorella is also a freshwater algae of a bright emerald green colour. This superfood has shown to promote natural cleansing. In addition to this, it assists the body in detoxifying heavy metals, as well as other toxins. It is also a high source of chlorophyll, iron, Vitamin A, all the while containing the essential amino acids making Avazera organic Chlorella a complete protein and a perfect superfood for your keto-diet. 

5. Spinach

Spinach is not quite as fun as blueberries, but don’t neglect it. It has tons of potassium and fiber, and very few net carbs. You can actually eat just about as much as you can handle without having to worry about the carbs. Spinach also has vitamin A, vitamin K, magnesium, and manganese, making it a great superfood for a keto diet.

6. Almonds

Almonds are a delicious nut that is low net carb and great for keto. Almonds are high in vitamin E, manganese and magnesium, and healthy polyunsaturated fats. 

7. Jungle Nuts 

Jungle Nuts are an amazing protein-packed keto snack. These raw, gluten-free nuts are loaded with the heart-healthy oleic acid and containing all the nine essential amino acids! Combine Avazera Jungle Nuts into trail mixes or stir them into oatmeal or porridge. They may be also blended to create your own nut milk as well as simply have a handful- they’re great for snacking!



Whichever diet you follow, remember to eat balanced. Let us know below if you will be incorporating these superfoods into your Keto diet!

Until next time,

Janine Einhellig
Janine is a health, nutrition and fitness enthusiast. She loves helping people with their health, which is why she founded KetoDomain.com. She found tremendous health benefits through the ketogenic diet and wants to help others find success along the way. In her spare time, she loves to do anything outdoors including running, mountain biking, and soccer.
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